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Presenting Eucalyptus:

by Things Made Out Of Other Things. A ground-breaking new application for the iPhone and iPod Touch that puts over 20,000 classic books in the palm of your hand

Reads like a book.

In Eucalyptus, books feel like books, not web pages. Turning the pages of your favorite novel feels so real and natural, you won’t even notice it.

Find Inspiration.

Don’t know where to start? We’ll supply an ever-changing bookshelf of hand-picked recommendations, from well-known classics to undiscovered gems.

Meet the new management.

Same as the old management. Eucalyptus organizes Books and Authors just like your iPod organizes Songs and Artists, so navigation is second nature.

A size to fit all eyes.

Resize the text at any time, without losing your place. With just a pinch your fingers, Eucalyptus reflows the text around you.

See the story, not the book.

Eucalyptus uses high-quality fonts and industry-leading typesetting routines like those used by paper book publishers. Get lost in the story, not frustrated by the text.

Read anytime, everywhere.

Quit Eucalyptus in the middle of a book and when you start it up again, you’ll instantly be back at the same page. With no time waiting, you can sneak in a few paragraphs anywhere.

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Where does Eucalyptus get its books from?

Eucalyptus downloads books directly from the archives of Project Gutenberg, which has been encouraging the creation and distribution of eBooks since 1971. These books are produced by thousands of volunteers from all around the world. To find out more about the project, including how you can contribute, visit their web site.

Which books does Eucalyptus use?

The books you can read in Eucalyptus are the English-language, out of copyright, ASCII format books from Project Gutenberg, analyzed on download and reformatted on the fly by our custom heuristic algorithms while you read. If you’d like to see the original files, you can access them on the Internet. In any book in Eucalyptus, on the “Book Information” page directly after the cover page, you can easily find the Project Gutenberg “eText number” or open the book’s Project Gutenberg catalog page in Safari by tapping on the link.

What is Things Made Out Of Other Things’ relationship with Project Gutenberg?

In accordance with the Project Gutenberg License, 20% of Things Made Out Of Other Things’ gross profit from Eucalyptus is paid as a royalty to the Project Gutenberg Literary Archive Foundation – an extremely worthwhile cause. Other than this, Things Made Out Of Other Things has no relationship with Project Gutenberg except for a hearty feeling of admiration and thanks towards it.

Where can I find out more about Project Gutenberg?

On their web site, at

20,000 books.  The price of a paperback.
Available on the iPhone App Store.